A List of Catchy Research Paper Topic Questions for College

Sometimes, the best way to format your initial thoughts for a research paper is with a question. After all, posing a question gives you a targeted way to delve into your assignment. It also allows you to do your research without the need to write out your thesis first.

  1. Would you trade your paper books for digital copies?
  2. Is cheating getting worse with today’s technology?
  3. Do you think standardized testing is a good measure of academic ability?
  4. Does entitlement to a public education include the children of illegal immigrants?
  5. Should an incentive program be implemented for good test scores?
  6. Are students encouraged to think out of the box?
  7. Do you think class size effects education?
  8. What criteria should be considered for college admission other than grades and SAT scores?
  9. Do you think parent-teacher conferences are important to student education?
  10. Do you think cellphones are able to be used as educational tools?
  11. What is the appropriate age for a child to have a basic cell phone? A smart phone?
  12. What can be done for cyberbullying? Can you think of any appropriate punishments?
  13. Do pictures that have been photoshopped make you feel bad about your own appearance?
  14. What is the prevalence of body dissatisfaction in young men vs. young women?
  15. Are daughters held to different standards than sons?
  16. Are full-contact youth sports too intense?
  17. Do you think a bike share program would benefit your community?
  18. Do you think it would be better or worse for armed guards to work on college campuses?
  19. Do you think that school lunches should be healthier and how does it affect district budgeting?
  20. Should limits be placed on the size of unhealthy, sugary drinks in an effort to improve health?
  21. Does accumulating material items make us happier?
  22. Do you think it is important to marry within your religion?
  23. Do you think messy desks really are a sign of creativity?
  24. How important is the cleanliness of your home?
  25. Should scientists be focused on stretching our life spans?
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