Easy Suggestions: What Is A Research Paper Structure?

A research paper is basically supposed to draw attention to a specific field of interest. You are expected to give a conclusive argument or evaluation depending on what you gathered in the field. Your field survey therefore needs to be strategic and very particular so that at the end you can give a precise answer to your question. The following is a basic outline of how your paper should look like.

Title and Title Page

A title doesnt have to be weirdly long but it should be long enough and clear to bring out the subject of your study well. The title should appear on the title page alongside your name, name of the institution, your instructor and the date of submission.


Just as the name suggests, it contains a skeleton of what is contained in your entire survey. It should be less than 200 words yet touching on research, results and your conclusions.

Table of contents

In this section, you write a breakdown of all sections and subsections and indicate their respective page numbers. If your paper is short and precise you can opt to leave this section out.


This is where you introduce the reader to your paper. After reading this section, they should be able to say what you are doing and why.

Methodology and Instrumentation

Explain the methods of data and information collection you used and your reasons for choosing the same. Also mention the instrument of data collection used like questionaires.


Here you just include your findings after data analysis. Avoid putting raw data in this section since in most cases it’s usually too much. Focus on graphs and tables that clearly show the final results.


Here, you discuss your findings in relation to your research questions.

Summary and Conclusion

This section is simply an elaboration of the abstract and a summary of your findings. Also give your final argument on the subject of your survey.


Include all sources of information especially the theoretical ones or literature. Incase of any original sources, don’t leave them out.


Recognize and thank those who helped you to do the survey. It’s always advisable to start with your supervisor or advisor.


This serves as a dumpsite for all the raw data and calculations but they should be written in an orderly manner.